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Zircus is a group of people (Aleš Gangl, Tomislav Gangl, Marko Štruc, Maks Gregor, Aleš Krevh, Uroš Bračič, Rok Bricman) exercising musical, visual art and art in general. So far they manifest through releasing albums and live act. The current members are all from Slovenia, where Zircus was formed in 2004.

The first incarnation of what Zircus is today, started when Aleš (computer, electronics, vocals) and Maks (guitar, bass) joined and started ZircuS as a band, combined with music that affected their past. Soon Uroš (drums, percusions) responded to an add for a drummer as a percussionist. He became first and one of two ZircuS drummers. Tomi (Aleš's brother) was collaborating with Aleš on his previous musical attempts and became more and more involved throughout group's evolution (he made fliers and posters for each individual gig). ZircuS premiered their first gig in december 2004 in Slovenj Gradec. Since the first concert Maks took over ZircuS's management. In 2009 Rok Bricman (guitar) and soon after Aleš Krevh (synthesizer) joined ZircuS. As a full member Marko Štruc (drums, electronics, percusions) became the last full time member of the collective. He appeared on few gigs as a guest in ZircuS earlier days.

The group uses both conceptual and non-conceptual frameworks. Since 2003 they released two studio albums (Epic tribe (2010), Away from the safety zone (2012) and one demo/amateur album (Journey, 2009).
Zircus was involved in music and graphic creation and production of a Video Mapping project Svetlobni stolp (Light tower). Three songs (Gold in the ground, It was raining and Satanic blues) were premiered for the first time as a music that accompanied the video projection on a church. On 16th May 2012 the same team (Chamelotron) is preparing a Video Mapping project for official opening of the new machine in Metal Ravne.

Their music genre is eclectic and varies throughout their work. There is a constant strive for use of all sorts of techniques from different styles. They use strong, loud, sometimes mystical, quickly changing and slowly evolving sounds, which - with visual projections - make the state between the virtual and the real unrecognizable. Rock and electronics are the core, the two sources, which provides the method for their expression. ZircuS always hopes that this expression is a synthesis of their inspirations into something completely new, unique and authentic.

Live shows include experimentation with wardrobe, art of body painting, and visuals produced under their authorship. The visuals are being projected on a canvas behind the band. The intention is to symbiotic synchronize visual and audio, musical experience into harmonized whole. The band has played at all the mayor festivals in Slovenia and in the Balkan region (Exit Festival (Serbia), Festival Lent (Slovenia), Ruhr (Cro) in the last year only. This year they opened for KLAXONS in Maribor. Zircus played over 150 shows and festivals in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Bosnia, Germany, Montenegro.

The themes that ZircuS tries to explore vary from abstractly philosophical to practical, banal ordinaries which we bump into every day. Though Zircus inhabits the present and try to effect, entertain only what is significant today, they are marked and torn apart by the opposition of future developing technology and past, history, the ancient universal values and traditions that are omnipresent. The biggest influences are calming effect of absolute silence and disturbance of noise, all the visible on one hand and metaphysical on the other.